Mellifluous words flutter above my ocean of thoughts. Music is my body. Poetry is who I am. I am GalacticShark.


Caffeine Door hinge

Glance above, maybe you’ll see

Lots a’ love, Jubilee

Golden brown, sign me up

Tossed and ground, cover up

Nothing makes sense when colors blend

When stars collide, bucks don’t bend

No one loves the color orange

When nothing rhymes, then I’m a door hinge

Nothing is without meaning, but everything’s meaningless

The heart is fleeting and you’ll end up useless

Cut me open and find your place

But there’s just some things you can’t erase

Charizard Overtime

If tubes decide your fate to live

And danger resides in arcane spliff

The rhythm of the flames bite the orange cold

I’ll be damned but hellfire makes gold

Brimstone shakes my worries deep

Save me from the dragon’s keep

Cool me down with fire and smoke

You killed me with the words you spoke

“Save me, oh dear, goddess” the phoenix exclaimed

Princess Arobhy dwells far from shame

While freight trains travel through my bloodstream

Rainbow veins burn down along with your schemes


Any magnitude of the challenge cannot be solved by solitude
Gratitude is the attitude that takes you to your altitude.
The mission is to be loved, the game is to be screwed
I’d rather be shoved in the face with a slap-dash feud

Jerry-built, jury-rigged, rudimentary, rough and ready
I’m okay with this makeshift way,
regenerate slow and steady
My love is slowly sinking in an abyss of my own emotion
I am a single drop of water in this mystic ocean

Room 3103

I’m not the patient, I’m just an errand-man
Broken, snowed-in, some life-support, I demand
No amount of screaming can kill me now
No amount of verbal abuse would bring me down

Medication, meditation, I need them more than you
This solitude is a lie, no one knows I’m with you
Efforts gone to waste, uncredited, unappreciated
My love has been erased, completely disregarded

Beginning to lose hope, beginning to falter
Will I still be waiting for you at the end of the altar

Lack Thereof

When are you gonna get your life together?
when will you stop trying to get her?
I never did, I never will
I’m giving you a license to kill

To kill me, kill me with your love
The problem was love, or lack thereof
I am a free man in a prison of my own self
With no idea how to go back to perfect health


There is this fine line between
A true story and a bald-faced lie
How can you be so keen
When you even don’t ask why

People like being lied to
They just don’t like finding out
That they were fucking being lied to
That’s when their hearts go south

People want the lie, they need the lie
But when they find out, that’s when we all die
I have used a lot of same words, go figure
I love you so much, I just don’t see a future

Dry Demise

Girls don’t go for romantics
They go for power and success
Their heart is as cold as the atlantic
And they are a recipe for distress

I’ve been stress-free since 23
But I miss the kisses she lays on me
No amount of smoke can set me free
I’m a silhouette, but she’s everything to me


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