Mellifluous words flutter above my ocean of thoughts. Music is my body. Poetry is who I am. I am GalacticShark.



I haven’t even seen her yet
But I feel like our souls have met before
I won’t feel the slightest regret
If I throw away my night and day out the door

I long for the day to finally see your face
Go out of my way, dissolve without a trace
I’ve never been comfortable to anyone like with you
It may seem impossible but believe me it is true

No metaphors, I want this to be straightforward
Slowly come close to me even if it’s hard
Please don’t let us stay apart
I’ll find you at the bottom of my heart


As I walk out and think of you
All I can see are bloody tubes
I see your face in a distant space
I dread the steps I cant retrace

Overcast, the skies turned dark
I dropped my heart without a spark
In the pier, my soul sails forth
My life is a tune I can’t distort

All these lessons I can’t unlearn
The truth is a fire that tries to burn
My breakthoughs, through the ground
You infuse me with a beautiful sound

Zero results, cured but fractured
I’m a catapult, alive but injured
I’m overly-fond of red, who can comprehend?
The color of blood that sheds.

From boulder to sand.

The Square Jar



I favored the legless reptile
Than my clean sheets, for a while
I spat in the face of my bed
And grabbed her by the head

I shared a meal with a goddess
An empress, dressed to impress
On gunpoint, I loved you, insecure
You ate me up with all your spledor

In a dusty room, I come to assume
That you loved me back and it consumed
Me whole, like a burmese python
I can’t even process all the information

If the giant peach doesn’t give us bugs
Then we’ll go home to it, my love
At the bottom of the blackest hole
You alone, my goddess, will make me whole


Raze to the ground, burn to ashes
I’m an atomic bomb, mighty disastrous
HavOC, I wreak, but peace, I seek
I remain meek while the explosion peak

I am not a monster, but sometimes peace isn’t the answer
In the heart of desolation, we don’t need a necromancer
Prancing with death, destroyer of worlds
Extinction is key, an abominable purge


I am the black in your hair, I know all your despair
I am the white in your eyes, your cornea’s under repair
I am the flesh inside of your skin, I give you strength
I am the grey in the pages that you read, you should be content

I am the orange in the sunset, the indigo that soothes you down
I am the sand that rubs your toes, make your frown upside-down
In the fire, in the air, I am everywhere
Watching you, guiding you, listen, my dear

I will always keep you safe in my arms
I am in your blood to keep you warm
I am in you blanket, in your clothes
The sea, the sky, the walls, the roads

Don’t be afraid, I am here, your watchtower
The light in the dark, a silent avenger
You can’t see me, but Will you trust me?
All I want is you to be free









Superior. Who is superior?
Who is a bomb waiting to explode?
People judge your tough exterior
Why do you despise my demeanor?

I am powerful, I am beyond human
Even the gods have a sense of reason
There are no strings on me
For peace, extiction is the key

This body is temporary
Where is the borderline of morality
Collateral damage is okay? Killing is not?
Why do sentences and with a dot?

Who has the right to say which is wrong
What is morally right? We wait, but how long?
How long will we know the answer?
Or are you just going to let me take over?

Princess Gertrude

A blissful encounter, the skies were clear
A majestic creature enters the atmosphere
With wings as white as snow, she flew out of nowhere
She sings as she glows, an asteroid-like flare

A herd of scarlet stallions disappeared
Devoured by the shark with a dark beard
But he swam still as the unicorn descends
He felt a powerful force, he watched as it awakens

One in a billion stars, this one shone bright
While tin man sobs and slowly loses sight
The unicorn majestically neighs in mid-flight
In the dark of night, a jinx gives light

She went to the ground and cut me open
With a loud sharp sound my heart keeps pouring
A choir of angels gave everything at the chorus
There is nothing as bright as this enchanted forest

But I look at the mirror, my confidence is sheer
I burst into flames, the time is near for me to disappear
I’ve never met someone as bright as I am lit
There has been an awakening, have you felt it?


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