Mellifluous words flutter above my ocean of thoughts. Music is my body. Poetry is who I am. I am GalacticShark.



Smoke my sight, hold me close
Oh blinding light, I love you most
Paranoia kicks in like heartbreak kid
Round one, hotboxing, blow the lid

Vertigo, around and around we go
Murder the crow underneath the mistletoe
Heart rate shoots up and sonicbooms
Tell me when it kicks in, destroy the bedroom

Inside your cave, I am saved
I go inside and feel the waves
The whole earth shook, you’re off the hook
Smoke down my heart, the one you took

Dew Date


Symphony, footsteps of the free
Next to me, through the meadows with glee
Sink your soles in the grass, oh, beautiful lass
The colors of our dreams will never come to pass

(Photography by Pau Yamson)
(Poetry by GalacticShark)

Little Wanderer


When a spark of hope appears from the horizon
A silhouette of success comes into action
When solar beams wake up the day
A little wanderer chooses to stay

(Photography by Pau Yamson)
(Poetry by GalacticShark)

Holy Suckerpunch

That’s the word I was looking for
Somehow, I’ve always wanted more

Heart attack
Death is upon us my friends
Be intact
Life is coming to an end

Wake me up
A suckerpunch coming your way
Take my cup
My life is an annoying cliche

Bastille Day

I am in chains, in fear of the unknown

I am in pain, but I prefer to be alone

In the darkest night I bleed, my heart turns to stone

In this hell-hole, I take heed. A light that’s never shown

I bask in the arms of the deceased

A task in the warmth of the beast

I curse this prison on Bastille Day

Until my flesh starts to decay


Dark as the night, I saw a gleam of light

A beautiful sight crawled inside my mind despite

…my dark days, spare me your foul gaze

A wretch like me doesn’t deserve your glorious face

Take me into your arms, no matter how dark

Gaze into my eyes, wait for a spark

I am winter, cold as the atlantic, a war of emotions

Scorch me with your eyes, set fire to my ocean

Ode to Oblivion

You’ll always be ahead, I’ll always be beneath

My flaws are in my head, but I’ll still sink my teeth

My heart is a marriage license, a piece of paper

Oh sweet smeel of incense, calm the weather


Retrieve my corpse from the burning wreckage

Necromancy will never work in this golden age

Farewell, my love, I’m consumed by sorrow

Remember my face, you’ll no longer see me tomorrow


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