Surreal Poetry for the troubled mind.


The Edge

Our hearts are on the line

I hope that we’ll be fine

Are we still intertwined? 

Can I still call you mine? 
Is this just an illusion? 

Because I have perfect vision

Am I just a droplet in the ocean? 

Or am I a dark prison? 



So this is how it feels like

Like crashing on a turn pike

Burning on the back street

Never let my heart speak
All that we have amassed

Shattered like glass

Neck-deep in ash

Everything happened in a flash
Severly frustrated

Why are so undecided? 

Help me find a way out

I’m ready for grief, for drought. 

Desert Island

I used to see, but now I’m blind

There’s a treasure that I need to find

I’m the poison that slowly kills you

Locked in prison without a clue


Bury my body in this burning sand

Darkness has taken these cold red hands

Waves of fire collapse inside

My desire is formaldehyde 


Prolong my life, kill me slowly

Drown in the burning lakes completely 

The light is nowhere to be found

I’ll rest my shadow, safe and sound

Space Mermaid

The stars in the sky rest in your eyes

The moon is envious of your beauty, I’m forever enticed

Wonderstruck, you’re an angel in disguise

Enchanted by your grace, I am hypnotized 



I twirl through asteroid belt and think about what I felt 

The first day that I saw you, you made my heart melt

I’m a shark in a meteor shower,  freefalling rapidly

Swim the universe with me all throughout eternity



​She was as white as snow, as silent as the dead of the night

She’s the afterglow, the deer in the headlights

Metamorphosis, she is the first creature exactly like me

As small as she is, she is the universe, my infinity
A light in the dark, the comfort in despair

Rosy white cheeks, pitch-black hair

A bundle of joy, the heart of the evergreen

As stupid as it seems, it’s the happiest I’ve ever been
I have been tired of looking for perfection

She is the grandest grand destination

A mighty fire rose and rose higher

Sparked from the ashes of beauty and wonder
Whatever they say, she’s endless to me

A personification of eternity

I melted and froze, both at the same time

A sunset of feelings, oh so sublime
I find peace in her eyes, beauty in her gaze

I would forever spend my days

Captivated, dazzle me with gold

She’s the greatest story ever told


I’m not just simply aging

Is this life worth trying

What’s the point of existing

Is this life worth dying for

Everything has changed

I have burned every page

After all the blood I’ve shed

I won’t be used to being dead

The Troubled Owl

I’ll let you down, I’ll let you die

I’ll shout against the rising tide

I’m ready to run to the heat of the sun

When will you find the right one?

We are the last people standing

On a broken fairy tale ending

All the terrifying final sights

Eliminate my fear of piercing lights

I twirl through the night with apathy

I listened to a voice that’s calling me

With all our might, we fought the good fight

I fall through the night with nothing in sight