Mellifluous words flutter above my ocean of thoughts. Music is my body. Poetry is who I am. I am GalacticShark.

  • Solar_Eclipse_by_GxMew


Mundane Moonlight

Salt to the wound, I’m still bedazzled

My heart’s in a tomb, prisoned and shackled

Dreadful thoughts connive and thrive

They dwell inside, darkness arrive

Crazy things for the dumbest reasons

This pristine paradise is full of treason

Jinx my day, lace me with resolutions

I’m tired, I’m done. Mystic infusions.

Murder me in the dark, stab me in the back

Not a single spark, just a bottle of Jack

My heart is hurt, I mask my emotions

But you’re not worth my million questions

Desolate Penumbra


Banished, I was reclusive as fuck

Evict me from this dreadful luck

Toss and turn while silvers burn

Consume me so that I’ll unlearn

Silent screams and lunar beams

I am a fallen seraphim

I am a broken mewling quim

Rip my heart with cheerful grim

Ethereal Treehouse


I won’t let you fall

I’m here if you want me at all

Tender, lush, never rush

Paint me with a starry brush

Lay me down this bumbling green

Say goodbye to the aquamarine

This tree bears fruit,┬áit’s unforeseen

Chase me like a wolverine

This is where we will take heed

Fill me up with frozen weed

See how keen this eyes have been

This greenlight scene can’t be unseen

Pacific Fear


Cling to me, my fair maiden

Ask me why, ask me when

My pride has sunk but my fears ascend

Forever drunk, time well spent

Goodbye ocean, hello sky

Don’t look back, don’t ask why

Swim into the horizon, but I guess, I’ll fly

My tears are fleeing from my eyes

Inhuman, eaten by the system

Consuming hatred more than freedom

Beaten, shrinked, better off inked

Hopeless, moribund, yet succinct

The Curse of the Unicorn

We are on the verge of restoration

But it seems that it’s time for isolation

Never speak, keep silent, just be still

What’s in it for me? Is this for real?

I just had you back, always on my side

But the almighty had a message for you inside

The curse will be broken, separation is the key

Remorse and incision, how will I live with glee?

The wings have moved, the pegasus has flown

The suns regrets the light it has shone

Powerful screams of silence, my heart shines blue

What on earth will I do now if I lose you?

Moonlight Corpse

I am bleeding moonlight waiting for you

I am healed by your touch, I yearn for the blue

I howl at the lunar eclipse,  shoot me with an arrow

Maybe I’m just inlove with what I can’t have, the sorrow


Wrap your light around me, soft white light

Surround me with your warmth in this cold blue night

Skin to skin, take me deep into your universe

Not even true love’s kiss can break this curse


The sun never sees the moon, but he reflects her light

There’s something tragic about you, a lost kite

You’re not allowed to breathe, can’t you see

I am dead, I’m done, a corpse hung from a tree


Mark my word and murder with glee

Stab me in the chest so you’ll rescue me

Melt me down, turn me into wax

Build me up, then kill me with an axe


Surprise surprise, my mind is forever

Touch me once more, complete my endeavor

Cut to the chase, cut me and chase me

Remember the days, kiss me, reminisce me


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