Mellifluous words flutter above my ocean of thoughts. Music is my body. Poetry is who I am. I am GalacticShark.

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Moonlight Corpse

I am bleeding moonlight waiting for you

I am healed by your touch, I yearn for the blue

I howl at the lunar eclipse,  shoot me with an arrow

Maybe I’m just inlove with what I can’t have, the sorrow


Wrap your light around me, soft white light

Surround me with your warmth in this cold blue night

Skin to skin, take me deep into your universe

Not even true love’s kiss can break this curse


The sun never sees the moon, but he reflects her light

There’s something tragic about you, a lost kite

You’re not allowed to breathe, can’t you see

I am dead, I’m done, a corpse hung from a tree


Mark my word and murder with glee

Stab me in the chest so you’ll rescue me

Melt me down, turn me into wax

Build me up, then kill me with an axe


Surprise surprise, my mind is forever

Touch me once more, complete my endeavor

Cut to the chase, cut me and chase me

Remember the days, kiss me, reminisce me

Poetic Nonsense

They say all I write is nonsense

But dig deeper, climb up the fence

Meaning within a meaning, metaphors

People hate a complicated chorus


Deep into the woods, my mind rests

Eggs develop inside their nests

Skip the test, kill the best

Clean this mess, stop the protest

Rabbit’s Foot

Easter’s here, come back to me

Rise from the dead, you’re all I need

Heaven, hunt me down

I deserve the thorn-filled crown

Blood is thicker than water, they say

But you wouldn’t drink blood all day

Meow Me Down

Real fur, fur real

Kill me, distilled

Bastille day’s coming

Imprison me, swinging


Live up your life

Don’t get a wife

Meow me down, feline

You’ll always be mine


Storm out, rain me down

No doubt, no sound

Cling to me my dear 

Fix me up and make it clear


You’re not mine, but I am yours

I’m not a child of divorce

Kill me from the inside

I don’t mind, you decide

Trust Issues

I will never trust again

After everything that happened

Black cats don’t solve anything

Players only love you when they’re playing


Stop messing with my head

Just tell me instead

I know you know what I’m saying

I will never trust you, never again


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