Mellifluous words flutter above my ocean of thoughts. Music is my body. Poetry is who I am. I am GalacticShark.

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Buzzcut zebras
Blazing bazookas
Zealous koalas
Zombie alpacas

Bees knees
Bad geese
No snooze
I lose


I’m boring and dead
It’s not just in my head
I am a little insulted
But still lightly delighted

I apologize
For the hypnotize
But you love me more
Than to close the door

Hurt me more
Pain is sure
I give permission
Pure submission

Boring is thee
Woe is me
Love is still
My free will

My Cherry Blossom

My dear little princess
The kingdom awaits
Awake from your slumber
I’ll open the gates

My cherry blossom
Come and rise with me
Let all the kingdoms
Be filled with glee

Case Study

A kiss of perfection on the Earth’s forehead
Divine beauty
Is plain to see
I have never been so frustrated

If only I could catch a glimpse of your face
I will gaze
All my days
And I will never rest my case



A start of another future
A present from the past
Experience is the best teacher
Survive the 3 month fast

When love starts, love ends
Sometimes we need to make amends
We grew apart, but that’s the start
A new dawn, a change of heart



You sneaky sneaky fox, won’t you smile for me
Those mechanical teeth are not made for no one to see
I’ll get a sword and fight that frown
Let’s see if I can turn it upside-down

Those monsters inside, set them free
Say goodbye to misery
“Why the long face?” even the horses ask
Foxes are not created to wear a mask

Let them feels go, throw them out
Let the wind blow, hear your heart shout
How can someone so beautiful be so blue
There are people who can’t live without you

The Great Collision



Voice that inspire a thousand sigh,
can I be just that bitter to shiver inside?
Touch that I seem to grow fond of,
Skin to bare.
With you. To be in between the worlds that collide.
And I, just I will be within you.
We fly and went high,
We fall and it dies,
We survive and we crash.
At the end it’s just.. Us.


- Jhenina Joie Espena


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