Mellifluous words flutter above my ocean of thoughts. Music is my body. Poetry is who I am. I am GalacticShark.





The stars are in her eyes
Her stares hypnotize
She’ll catch you by surprise
And devour all your sighs

She’s a bomb waiting to explode
A deer in the middle of the road
She is a stranger, rare, endangered
Am I in danger if I engage her?

Galapagos Mons


Within the ocean lurks an island
Majestic even for the hand of Wyland
Even if it’s just a drop in the pacific ocean
It summons a wave of pure emotion

The water crash and the mountains roar
The sharks die and the wisps adore
Like a beam of light from a thousand suns
In the presence of Galapagos Mons

The heart of the ocean, the guardian of the sea
From the darkness of Kraken, Meredith rescue me
In a sea of insanity, I am ship-wrecked
Woe to me, shoot me down, I will never be perplexed

The Kill Came Before the Hunt

The kill came before the hunt

I know that it sounds a little blunt

But all I desire is for a clean slate

All I am, I’ll give to change our fate


I wish this was a bad dream, then I’ll wake up beside you

Everything I did, all of my mistakes, I honestly wish I knew

I know I can’t change what I did, but I promise to change

But the cuts are too deep, and I am deranged


I cannot stand the thought of losing you, my heaven

But I drove you away, and your heart got frozen

I yearn for the day that I’ll melt your heart again

No matter what it takes, I’ll do what I can


Save Me



No power of hell, no scheme of man

Will ever make me fret from reaching your hand

I may drown, I may even die

But I will never stop, until you try

To, at least, go back to shore

And dive with me once more

I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do

I do not want anyone to come to my rescue but you

I cannot justify everything that I have done

And I know that I lost and you won

I changed, I was different than before

Please, just… just… pull up the anchor

I am here. I will never leave

Until you stop, think and believe

That everything has hope, and the future is ours

25 months, 7 days and a few hours

I would trade anything in the world for you

I would die and kill for you now, it’s true

I just need you to know, that I am changed

I ask for your forgiveness, set me free from this cage

I don’t want to eat, because that means I’m moving on

I don’t want the scratches to heal because that means I’m moving on

I can’t… I just can’t… but I should…

I just don’t know if I could.

I’m happy as long as you’re happy.

I’ll leave you alone forever now, I still love you honey.

I’ll always be here. Waiting.

Crying…. dying.

The sad thing is that I cannot bring back time

If only I did what was right, before I lost what once was mine

The thought of losing you, is too much to bear

From now on, I’ll be living on my own nightmare

With you, my life had meaning, my life had direction. We can be everything we wanted to be

I had plans, goals, dreams. All is lost. Because of me.

I vowed to protect, to love, correct, in sickness and in health

But I failed. Now I spend my life in the shadows. Stealth

Never forget, the day we first met, what we saw, what we felt

I swam in your ocean of love, you made my heart melt

I would give everything for us to feel the same way again

I would wait, no matter how long, I don’t need to know when

But I’ll always be here, I will never give up, always wondering

If you’re happy, if you’re having fun, and whatever it is you’re doing.

Because I still care, I still do. I cannot stress this enough.

Life is rough. Timing is a bitch. But I’ll try to be strong, even if the going gets tough.


Good bye, my imaginary world where dreams come true. It was educational. I will never forgive myself for hurting you.

Sloth Machine

The flock of birds didn’t know it was me
Who hurt the sloth, it was plain to see
I killed it and hoped that it will go back to life
But CPR won’t make a corpse alive

I was supposed to love and appreciate
But all I did was make the world hate
A lovely creature, a wonderful being
I hurt the innocent, without even seeing

I was blinded with rainbows and magic
It turned my life around, oh it was tragic
It’s too late to fix what was lost
But I’ll continue to love, no matter what the cost

The Mighty Feathered Dragon


Greetings brethren, the prophesy is clear
The end of time is truly near
A dragon will come down and burn all fear
Leaving the just and the sincere

We’ve lived long enough, fought the good fight
The flames will be tough, but after that will be the light
Blood will flow like in ancient Babylon
But after the pain and suffering is a new dawn

No more agony, no more shame
In this abyss, victory, we’ll reclaim
Before we become indestructible, we need to be destroyed
Nothing is impossible, but I must descend into the void



Like the unicorn and the black dog’s purpose
The grey beast is third that floats to the surface

When the forest pours porridge for us
Slowly curse the scarce force chorus


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